Do’s & Don’ts for Picking your Next SEO Service

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Do’s & Don’ts for Picking your Next SEO Service

Those of us whose business is operated through or in conjunction with a website are probably very familiar with the unsolicited email offers to “Increase Your Online Presence” or any number of variations on this theme.  Sometimes it sounds pretty appealing to get a little help, especially when your experience with Search Engine Optimization is limited, and your time is even more limited.  But, many of these messages seem too good to be true, full of vague assertions, or just a little too fishy.  To help with your decision-making, here are some Dos-and-Don’ts of SEO service evaluation.

Don’t: Pay attention to numbers some SEO sales person is giving you.  “Your URL score is a 27,” “Our proprietary evaluation algorithm scores your site at 4 out of 10,” “Your website has just 497 backlinks” – these are all statements that mean very little.  Without knowing your website objectives, your target audience, and your competitive landscape; a SEO analysis of your website will fall flat.

Do: Look for a SEO analyst who’s interested to hear your objectives before offering up analysis, data, and scores.

Don’t: Feel the need to “Submit” your website everywhere.  Offers to submit your website to hundreds of search engines are pretty much worthless these days; search engines will find and crawl your site on their own as long as it’s structured correctly.  There are a couple of directories still debatably worth submitting to, but if this is even a selling point, you’re not getting a good advice.

representation of seo Do: Look for an SEO analyst who will look for structural issues and crawl-impediments specific to your website.

Don’t: Agree to any link exchange requests, or engage in any paid link building campaigns.  Link building is not the same as it was a year ago, and doing it wrong can cause more harm than good.  Gaining links to your website is best done naturally.  Exchanging or paying for links is no longer a good way to go.

Do: Focus on building good content, and a website that offers the most value possible to your customer base.  Look for a SEO analyst that will help you make sure your content is positioned in the best way possible for search engine consumption.

There are many legitimate SEO service providers out there who are knowledgeable and can help you with your website.  There are many more who try to make a quick buck with vague or irrelevant promises.  Choose carefully who you want to work with and always put your user experience first.



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