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As a company, we feel it is important to invest in our employees. Everyone has a story, a past, all leading them to where they are now. Every person, every story, has the same value and deserves to be heard. That said, Feynman Group has started a new interview series called ‘What’s Your Story’, giving our employees a platform to share their life, perspectives, and fundamentally, their story. We thought it appropriate to kick off the series by interviewing our Community Outreach Ambassador, Javier Martinez. We hope you enjoy getting to know the people who represent Feynman Group and constitute our company culture.

Welcome to ‘What’s Your Story’.

Questions for Javier:

  • Being someone who comes from a multi-cultural background, how do you feel like that has provided you with a positive advantage in the workplace?
  • What’s a quality you convey that is unique to you?
  • What intrigued or interested you about the business world that brought you to pursue it?
  • Other than your job, what are other factors that contribute to your identity?
  • What are some things that you are passionate about?

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